Slot Overview, Love Joker

While the term “baker’s dozen” is probably familiar to you, “joker’s dozen” is probably new to you. With that trite introduction, we’d like to introduce you to Love Joker, the twelfth installment in Play’n GO’s undeniably successful Joker series of slot machines. If you’ve stuck with the series thus far, you’ll undoubtedly give the game a thorough workout regardless of what we have to say about it. If you, too, are wondering what the earth Play’n GO has come up wita this time, brace yourself for some gameplay that is heavily infused with jokers.

Play’ n GO gave the main character some depth by making him a Love Joker, albeit it’s never made clear why or who he has a crush on. The joker, at first glance, reminds me of Lord Farquaad and Prince Charming from Shrek. His facial expression suggests he is keeping something to play a joke at a later time, but we can only hope he isn’t as cunning as either of those movie characters. You’ll really want this Love Joker to get a hit, as opposed to pulling a prank on you, because he controls access to the game’s special features.

Love Joker is an uncomplicated 3 by 3 slot machine with 5 reels and 5 paylines. Although the burgundy reels set against the purple pixelated backdrop is an unusual color scheme, it works nicely in Love Joker. Love Joker is a competent slot machine, especially considering that it was developed by Play’n GO; the developer is responsible for the slick gameplay and attention to detail for which the company is known.

This mobile-friendly, medium-volatility game has a low minimum bet of just 5 p/c and a high maximum of 100 £/€. Love Joker is a low potential slot machine, thus it’s best for those who aren’t looking for a wild ride. The basic rule is to get three identical symbols on a payline, which spans all three reels. As a result, the standard RTP is 96.2%, while it might be as low as the mid-80% in other regions.

Like the rest of Love Joker, the symbols are quite simple. Cherry, lemon, plum, single 7, and double 7 are the five icons that can win you money. This package has values between 1 and 10 times the initial wager. There are no wilds, so the Love Joker is the only way to shake up the routine of the game’s beginning.

Like Joker: The Game’s Functions

The Love Joker appears on reel three, making a scatter win possible. It activates Love Spins when it lands. During Love Spins, the only symbols that can appear on the reels are hearts or golden hearts. There are no additional signs left. If a red or blue heart lands on a Love Spin, the bonus round will keep going.

The Heart Collector has 5 slots that must be filled in order to move the reward bar to the next level. When a player collects two Golden Hearts on the Golden Heart collector, the value of their reward bar is doubled, and they are promoted to the next level. Once the feature is over and enough hearts have been gathered from the triggering spin, the reward will be awarded.

Judgement on the Love Joker Slot

Play’n GO must not see twelve as a huge milestone, despite the fact that it has done nothing to commemorate the achievement. Love Joker is quite simplistic, but that’s kind of the purpose, and it’ll probably blow some people’s minds and bore the pants off of others. Whether or whether Love Joker is a good match for you may be determined just by looking at a screenshot. The durability of Play’n GO’s Joker range defies logic at times, and Love Joker doesn’t change that.

While waiting for the Love Joker to arrive with his wavy blonde hair and kick off the party, the base game is what it is: a jazzy, fruity frolic on loop. So, here is the gathering, or the meeting, or whatever you want to call this boring extra game. When the function of collecting symbols is activated, a little amount of money can be won. You can get lucky on Love Joker and win a thousand times your bet if the heart symbols are bursting more frequently than a platonic friendship on Valentine’s Day. Maybe not the stuff of nightmares, but also not the material of this game.

However, Love Joker isn’t a slot machine to play if your goal is to win a lot of money quickly. It’s a fun distraction for those who enjoy simple games without any challenging roadblocks. Why not, if you’re like mindless button mashing that doesn’t amount to anything in the grand scheme of things. If you don’t want to, don’t. With the first 12 Joker spots secured, the next question is, how many more can we get?

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